The Next Step

Human Growth Potential Through the Way of the Horse

The Next Step Programmes


A program for helping individuals and partnerships to take The Next Step – to become what is next for them to become

The Next Step is a call to adventure.

The Next Step is a journey of discovery and revelation of our authentic selves.

The Next Step is a customised human development program to help individuals and partnerships to create a vision of their potential that can be expressed and manifested into their personal and professional lives.

As David Whyte says in one our favourite poems

Start close in,
don’t take the second step
or the third,
start with the first
close in,
the step
you don’t want to take.
(David Whyte, River Flow. New & Selected Poems)
©Many Rivers Press, Langley, Washington

What do we offer?

Our programs main goal is to offer you insights in the for main aspects of your personal and professional life


Feel: developing self-awareness about your needs, emotions and motivations inherent in all periods of change and transition that encompass human development

Connect: how relationship and communication skills establish values that define authentic partnerships in their personal and professional life

Perform: developing one’s own leadership skills geared towards effectiveness and credibility in their personal and professional life

Structural and Functional Fit: establishing the right roles and places within personal and professional systems that fulfil individual aspirations and fit into the bigger structural picture

What approach do we use?

The Next Step uses an innovative and experiential approach with the help of horses

  • Body Work: how to reliably access and use the data our body provides to inform our learning and choices
  • Teaching modules: stimulate the mind and provide the frames of reference into which the knowledge, insight and experience accumulated throughout the programme is organised and contextualised
  • Personal Consultancy: a supported process to create and refine an individualised action plan
  • Equine Facilitated Learning: an integrated series of activities and experiences in which the horse functions as our partner and teacher
  • Insights and Group Sharing: enriching personal learning through peer group reflection

Who are our clients and what kind of help?

Empowering strategic leadership behaviour for executives

Helping family business executives transition to governing roles

Changing roles and relationships: Integrating executive teams with governance and ownership structures

Helping family business owners to understand and better perform their role

Family branch and nuclear families: strengthening rapport, respect, and connection within a branch: intra- and inter-generations

Developing authentic sibling and cousins partnerships

Next generation life and career orientation

Individuals of all ages to discover their passion and to manifest it into or within a profession or a business

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