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Human Growth Potential Through the Way of the Horse


Marion (Artist)

“Years of investing time (however happily) in the caring for family has blurred my sense of self and in some ways, my self-confidence. To have had a dialogue with a horse based purely on body language, honest intent and shared confidence is an experience I find my self contemplating often. Kairos reacted to my confidence in him and to the reawakening confidence in my own abilities. My conversation with him is not finished.”

Clara (Architect and Senior Supervisor)

“A horse does not judge: and the relationship, once established, is an honest one.
I’ve been telling everyone about my experience. I am still thinking about it… It’s revealing lots of things to me as a manager – such as how easy it is to let people off the hook in all sorts of ways…
There is a clarity to working with a horse – no [bovine faecal matter], no artifice.
I now consciously try to make sure my intent and expectations are clearly communicated.
I practiced what I learned – and it felt good! I am using my “Good Send” mantra as a form of talisman when I am facing a difficult or challenging situation – to remind myself to hold firm and be clear.”

Emma (Artist)

“There was life before I did this work (when my life and relationships were chaotic and loaded with tension) and life after I did this work. That line is very clear for me. It showed me how to see the wood as well as the trees – it brought me clarity.
It was a pivotal time. I wouldn’t have been able to cross that line without this programme.
Doing the work made me aware of my own responsibilities and then of me taking them and owning them. I learned about emotional fitness and was given the practical tools to progress and finally move my life forward.
I could start my journey in self-belief with the goal of reaching my full potential (words we so often see written but fall so short of any real practical fruition in every day life). But this programme put them into action, into every day life. It took these words off the page and into reality, brilliant!!
The horses were instrumental in this. By safely observing and interacting with them, allowing them to be my physical and honest mirrors, they exposed the real areas I needed to work and then grow on. It’s been an on going and progressive journey forward.”

Lise (Senior Client Relationship Manager)

“It’s only when you realize you have a problem that seek this kind of education. I am very grateful for what I learned over the sessions and understand even better now the saying about lifelong learning.

I brought some questions to the sessions, and these allowed you to encourage me to open up doors within me that I would never have thought I could (or were even there to open).
I was able to trust you to facilitate me “as an open book” – I just know I could not be in better hands.

I REALLY appreciated your patience with me that day in the ménage with Kairos and spending all that time on what emerged. That was a wow moment. Afterwards, I went through each step of the programme with my partner; he was totally intrigued and really able to see the value, the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ I was learning.

In the second course, I also realized how important it had been to split up the programme into modules as it is the reflection time in between, the readings and the thinking, that really helps one to move forward. I am doing well with this ‘digestion’ and giving myself the time need to do it. I will go on learning – it takes take time to integrate all the learnings.

One year down the road, looking back, I find the use of horses as symbols of situations the strongest learning: it makes everything so easy to grasp. I have actually integrated certain aspects of the programme in my daily life and they work very well – still working on it all though!”

Anne-Catrin (Senior Marketing Executive)

“In the end, you can only be a trusted friend, parent or business leader if you understand yourself well. And you can only really move forward when you have learned from the past. It is not easy to force yourself into “soul-searching” on what you want to do in the future whilst you are running through your daily life.

I went because I felt stuck in my mid forties life and wanted to understand how I could unleash my energy and make a plan for my future. I knew what was a personal vision to work towards.

I had never before worked with horses but I was curious and in the mood to explore and be open for new ideas. It’s important to keep an open mind and be ready to look into the mirror when you want to be coached. If we are ready to also go where it might challenge,
we walk away with a new understanding of ourselves.

I went twice and each time we worked for two intense days together. Barbara and Paco are very welcoming and authentic as individuals. You immediately understand that they complement each other’s skills and
characters.They definitely are working as a strong team and are committed to help you. I felt secure at all times, and I am grateful for the rich knowledge they shared. They were able to establish a very personal relation in very little time.

Working with the horses was a true discovery. The exercises we did taught me a lot about non-verbal communication and interpersonal relations.

The companionship the horses offered (not instantly, but after tough work;-) made me enjoy a moment of true happiness. A very precious moment I will never forget, and that I recall often.

The horses also taught me about respecting boundaries – my own personal ones as well as other people´s boundaries. This instantly helped at home with raising my two teenagers, and it made me better understand difficult situations in business life.

Another key moment occurred when we worked on understanding my beliefs and emotions, one-on-one as well as in a small group. Becoming aware of your own patterns and understanding the underlying ‘Why?’ has since helped me a lot and is essential to discuss what is best for you in the future.”

Other Testimonials

“Don’t imagine you’re going to a fancy horse stable or polo club environment. Barbara and Paco chose a setting for their work where you get in touch with the real natural world. You will be in the middle of the countryside, vineyards and orchards, surrounded by nature –the earth, wind, sun and rain – and will work with beautiful animals.
Anything but artificial, this is an authentic and real setting that helps you look at the essence of things.
So bring your rubber boots!”

“The first sessions were intense, rich and also a bit draining in energy. I would recommend taking an extra day off after the courses to sit at the beach or go for a walk in the countryside and let your mind reflect on what you learned and revealed before going back home. I needed time to “digest” what we had worked on and the first weeks after the first round I did not go back into the matter.”

“However, and may be without even realizing, something had changed and a couple of weeks later I started being more pro-active again. Between the two sessions I had homework to do and read about emotions and life paths.”

“Great material– an eye opener! And at the same time a reminder for myself not to just let go but keep momentum up and continue the path of wanting to understand myself better.”

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