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The Authentic Place and Space (APS) for Personal Growth


The Authentic Place and Space (APS) is a model to accelerate our personal growth based on the 7 key propositions (7Ws) that construct the metaphorical space and place for our Authenticity. A place where we feel safe to explore all of our life dilemmas. Each ‘room’ in our Sanctuary or Castle offers a safe haven for focusing methodically on each theme and gaining insights and information that bring us ever closer to the answers we’re seeking. Moving from room to room, we gain a more profound understanding and awareness of our Authentic Self and the life that wants to be lived. And we have to be practical: to construct a personal business plan in which we ourselves are the central offering posed by the business. Are you ready to enter?

/THE 7 Ws/

/ WHO / knowing one’s self, our gifts, our potential, our shadow (or dark side). Establishing the stage of growth at which we find ourselves. Integrating our emotional, cognitive, value systems and spiritual elements into our current centre of gravity, through which we see the world and determine our outlook on the events and experiences that make up the trajectory of our lives.

/ WHY / what each person’s ultimate purpose is, and how it functions as our interior compass taking us towards our ‘true north’. Finding the Mantra that clearly encapsulates our Authenticity. The ultimate purpose that guides us on our pilgrimage, pointing out what really matters when the key decisions are needed.

/ WHERE / exploring our personal Vision and the various arenas and places where our relationships take place based on Love, Work and Community.

/ WHAT / connecting to our Authentic ‘intention’ – the energy and attitude with which we engage in life, the intensity with which we dedicate our passion, time and resources. The 4 intentions are: creating, managing, governing and investing.

/ WITH / exploring the network of personal relationships and virtual social communities that collectively help us to grow into our human potential. Creating our Dream Team.

/ HOW/ establishing the roles we can engage in, the structures we need to operate within, the ways in which people and relationships are connected and organised – and the rules, boundaries and limitations that govern our lives.

/ WHEN/ A strategic plan for objectives, action and change – the temporal guide as you embark on the transition and work bringing your objectives into reality. Discovering the things you want to preserve, the ones you want to change o get rid of and the very aspects of yourself that you want to add to become the person you are looking for and achieve the objectives you have set for your life.

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