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Welcome to Integral Next Step

Authenticity is a commitment to evolve, to live a fulfilling life and make a contribution to the betterment of humanity. A willingness to embrace change, growth and renewal. A rejoining with our Authentic Self.


Sometimes you may feel a sense of unease, that something’s missing, there’s a sense of drifting and time passing you by. Intuitively this feels inherently unsatisfying and tinged with recklessness, shame or danger. This unhappy state of being could go on for a long time.  Left unattended to, it can escalate into a state of high alert, even panic: something is no longer tolerable! something must change! It’s a wake up Call to an Authentic Life – a longing within is rising to the surface of your awareness …to direct you to the purpose for which your life can be dedicated.

So you wake up one day knowing you must act: you must do something to get yourself going in the Right Direction. Life is passing you by and you feel preoccupied with the need to feel worthy of the time you have left. The Pilgrims who undertake the Camino to Santiago de Compostela voluntarily put themselves through this journey to authenticity.

If, like most of us, you are an ‘everyday pilgrim’ doing your best to deal with the life you have, in the life structure you’re working with, then your ultimate challenge is to ensure you are heading in the Right Direction doing the Right Thing. Only by undertaking your own Camino – your Journey – (that is, by asking yourself some key questions and exploring what you must do to find the answers) can you be sure when that Right Direction is truly taking form. It needs to be chosen and tested.  Doing this work alone is difficult – our Method and our Programme are designed to guide, support and accompany you on your Camino.

No one said it would be easy

There are going to be times when sticking to the Right Direction makes you Vulnerable…. Challenging the status quo of your current values and assumptions that make up your life structure usually means changing some priorities. Some things must end for new things to thrive. Not everyone you know will be supportive. By paying attention you Becoming more Aware to everything going on around us. You develop ever-wider perspectives about what you see going on. You listen to our emotions, you observe those of others and you become highly sensitive to the changing environment around you. You choose whether to live on automatic pilot, judging and reacting to everything around you, or, to bring compassion into your perspectives and evaluate each situation as it arises. You become aware of resonating with what seems Authentic and avoiding the rest. You learn to recognize what the Right Thing is for you.

How? You develop the courage to ask the right questions. You have the tenacity to seek out honest answers and the commitment to uphold authentic decisions. By Being Congruent you know what is authentic when an alignment is forged between your thinking mind, your spoken words, your feeling heart and with your gut instincts and intuitions all leading to the decisions and actions you ultimately take. The strength to carry on comes from the conviction of moving in the Right Direction. Decisions become easier to make when you know you’re doing the Right Thing.

Aiming for Authentic Relationships and Places, you become aware of the physical and spatial constraints in your life that must be overcome so you can bring your energy (your Gift) to the world. You establish the right places where you can express your Gift and practice your talent. You strive to become your best and highest self. Authenticity flows out of you. As you grow, so do those around you – friendships, relationships and organisations flourish under your solid presence.

In this journey you are going to find out what your Gift is, and to Commit to Your Fullest Potential. You commit to giving it the best chance possible to be fully expressed in your everyday life.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step     (Lao-Tse)

Are you ready to take that First Step?

6 Responses to Welcome to Integral Next Step

  1. Beautiful site, crystal clear blog, uplifting and real xx


  2. Helene Marcotte says:

    Soothing and real…. I look forward to learning from you and from all the people who will be joining this lovely, uplifting conversation.


  3. Mercè Pujadas Cid says:

    Felicidades por este post, por este blog y por esta fantástica web. Os seguiré, no lo dudéis!


  4. Outstanding and very clear. Your leadership is welcomed by many who seek the means to achieve a greater self awareness and enlightenment


  5. lindapilloud says:

    I liked the replys that have been posted. You have said some wonderful things and may I add, if you want things in your life to change, you’ve got to change things in your life.


  6. lindapilloud says:

    I loved the blog. I can relate to it. May I add, if you want things in your life to change, then you’ve got to change things in your life.


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